How to Win Slot Machines at Real Money Casinos

How to Win at Online Slot Machines

To win at slot machines in real money casino are very difficult but possible. Slot machines are game of luck and have not method to insure a win on video slot machine. And yet, by using the information you can gather in our website you can significantly increase your winning odds.

Is no difference in the payout between reel-spinning and video machines of the same denomination. Both are controlled by a program called a RNG (random number generator) that determines the outcome of each spin and makes it impossible to determine the outcome of future spins.

Expected payout percentage of video slot machines

Choose the slot machines with the highest percentage of payout to increase your odds of winning. Percentages can range anywhere from 80% to 98% and spell out your best chances of success.

Limit of lose and limit of win

Set a lose limit and a win limit amount before you enter the real money casino. If you're winning, stop when you have doubled your initial amount. If you're losing, stop when you reach your lose limit.

Plan the gambling game by the hour

Decide how many days you'll play to the real money casino and how long you'll gamble during each session. Divide your total bankroll by the number of days and then divide that daily allowance by the number of hours you plan to play each day. For example: You decide to play at real casino with a $1000 bankroll and plan to play for 10 days. That allows you to wager $100 per day. You decide that you want to play a total of two hours per day. This means you can afford to lose $50 per hour.

Play only with the money from your start bankroll

That way, you won't walk away empty-handed.

Get bonuses from online casinos

Compare the benefits of different casinos or sites and choose the casino that offers the best benefits or freebies for your level of play. Take advantage of bonus money offerings that real money casinos give to their loyal customers. These offers are based on how many coins you play in the slot machines or your rate of play.

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Choose machines with the smallest jackpots.

The bigger the jackpot the harder it is to hit, so you're better off choosing a machine with a smaller jackpot.
The smaller the jackpot, the easier it is to win, increasing your chances of walking away a winner. The bigger the jackpot, the harder it is to actually hit and the more likely you’ll lose in the short-term.

It takes a lot of playing hours to create the huge jackpots which is why your chances are lower. Furthermore, games that are novelty themed with huge jackpots have the worst odds so stick to smaller returns.

Double check the machine's maximum jackpot. Two online slot machines might look exactly the same, but one may pay out a 1,500 credit jackpot and the other 10,000 credits, so be aware of the maximum you can win on your video slot game.

Play at loose video slot games

Play in a premium location. Machines that pay out more frequently (known as "loose" machines) are typically located in high visibility areas to attract maximum attention when players win and entice others to play.

Know the rules of casino gambling

Familiarize yourself with the rules for the machine before you sit down. If you don't understand them, ask an attendant or call customer service if you are playing online. You need to understand what combinations will win you money, especially the jackpot.

Don’t switch slots every few spins

If you are playing one slot machine game for some time, eventually it has to pay - so it’s better to stick to one slot machine till it pays. Probably You not the only one that is playing this specific slot machine. That’s why you should go for slots that are less popular. How to find them- just avoid the ones that are most visible, not the ones at the top of the table.

Play, win and do not forget to enjoy the best online casino games!!!