Martingale - One of the Winning Strategies on the Roulette

Martingale - one of the winning strategies on the roulette

1. The basic strategy of Martingale

Martingale strategy has been developed by the talented John Henry Martingale more than 200 years ago. He developed this method for its own casino. Many players have started to use this method against the casino and the Martingale's casino became a bankrupt.

The first rule is required to be done, in the game of roulette is the rule of bankroll management. This rule is used in all roulette strategies. Also, taking into account the fact that the expectation to be on the casino's side and so there is no ideal risk-free strategy.

According to basic strategy of martingale, the stakes have be done all the time on one color: red or black. Also you can bet on the even or odd numbers and to double the bet after every loss. At this rate probability of winning is almost 50% so do not forget about zero, which reduces your chances of winning.

Betting on a single color is made as long as you get a win. The size of the original bet is typically per $1. After each victory you have to put on a different color, and repeat the previous steps. If you roll a zero (0), it is necessary to make a double bet on the color that is the opposite color, from which the game begins.

The maximum bet should not exceed 1% of your bankroll to into the real money casino.

If you increase your bankroll and decid to withdraw money from your casino account, you should remember the rule: you have to leave 10% of the bankroll for a future game.

The graph below is an example of the game on the martingale strategy:

martingale strategy
Having a large amount of money will increase the bet of losses in the event of the series for a long time.

Play only in those casinos that do not set a maximum limit for betting. Bgo Casino is a perfect casino roulette on the Martingale strategy.

2. The basic template of the Martingale strategy 

Before you start playing this strategy, you should make a betting pattern by yourself and follow it strictly. This template depends of color numbers that fall.

For example: red colour - R, black colour - B. Make up a pattern for the game: R-R-R-B-B-B-R-R-R-B-B-B. Thus, you can create a lot of templates. The probability of losing and winning is the same as in the basic version, but in practice, the game is often Martingale pattern is better than the banal putting on the opposite event.

3. Martingale strategy shift

At the initial stage of the game you need to wait for the loss of one color for N spins in a row, where N defines you.

For example, you may wait for 7 consecutive identical events. For example, 7 times in a row is red, and only then start to bet on a black. Such series are rare. Playing on this strategy, we will advance forward to an abnormal situation, in order to minimize risks. But there is no guarantee that after 7 consecutive red, it has not yet rolled 10 consecutive times.

This method has also the advantage as a high chance of winning. You can double down even after 14 same events, which means that there is no excess of the maximum limit internet casino at the table. The recommended number of N = 4. This shift increases the chances of players, especially who has a small bankroll.

Waiting for the favorable situations entering the game is a major drawback of this strategy for a long time. The game becomes a continuous expectation. There is a great opportunity to minimize the risks of a prolonged game series for those who have small money.

4. Stretched Martingale

The rates should be done not on the color or odd even, and numbers, according to this strategy. Let's consider an example.

1. Make a bet per $1 on a single number for 35 times in a row. If we guess the winning 36-N $. Where N is a number of bets. Those our net income would be from $1 to $35. If we have lost all 35 rates, go to the step 2.

2. If the number of spins for the 35 unknown number has not dropped, you are betting $2 on the same number 18 times in a row. Here it is, our revenue could range from $1 to $35. If we have lost all 18 rates, go to step the 3.

3. Next, similarly to 12 times in a row at $3, 9 times in a row at $4, 7 consecutive per $5. For example, if the number falls to 40 iterations, then our costs would be: 35 x $1 + 5 x $2 = $45, win 2 x $36 = $72. Net income: $27. The stretched Martingale eliminates the possibility of the rapid loss of deposit, unless the player does not make an unreasonably high rates. With a casino deposit per $100 - the highest bid is $1. The disadvantage of this strategy is a long wait for a win.

5. Anti-Martingale Strategy

The essence of this strategy is on the straight going rate of the event with a doubling rate.

Table bets roulette on the Anti-Martingale Strategy:

Anti-Martingale Strategy

If do a bet $1 in the beginning of the game, after four spins the balance will be $16. The win was $15 at risk of $1. It is not necessary to stop after four victories, but the chances of success in each of the next event will be less and less, as indicated in the table.

6. American Martingale roulette

This strategy is used to rate a factor of 2: 1. For example, a bet on a dozen. The following table describes an example for playing a dozen:

American Martingale roulette

The martingale shift can also be used with advantage in this strategy. You have to wait until some of the dozen will not fall for a long time. Using the principles of Martingale allow you to build a very interesting strategy that can bring you money. Almost all other methods for increasing the bets strategy go at a loss.

This strategy is also used in other games of chance, bookmakers, classic and online slot machines, forex, lotteries, etc.

The essence of this strategy is on the straight going rate to the event with a doubling rate.