Roulette History: Origin Versions Casino Game

Roulette History

In fact, information about where and when first a roulette was first introduced hidden in centuries of history. It is difficult even to name the approximate time of its occurrence. A roulette history goes back a few hundred years to millennia according to various sources. The reason for these discrepancies is that the numerous religious, mystical and game rituals using the principle of rotating or stationary disc to put on them symbols or images, which at the time of the ritual process should identify the shooter or drop have been known for a long time to many ancient peoples and civilizations.

Origin roulette versions

Even in ancient Rome during the time of Emperor Augustus a device consisting of a rotating circular disk on the vertical axis was used for divination, this is a disc of cast lots. In ancient Greece, the round shield, mounted on the blade of the sword was used for the same purpose. North American Indians used for divination rotating painted on the ground in a stationary lap top with an arrow. So the question is, where the history of roulette began, remains open.

Accordingly, a very large number of countries and peoples, claim the exclusive right to be the authors of this great game. And it is very difficult to find the truth among the many rumors, legends and fiction. Therefore, we shall consider the most common versions of the history of the invention and dissemination the roulette in the world.

Tibetan monks - roulette fathers

According to this version, in fact the very principle of the roulette game came about a thousand years ago in ancient China, in a game popular among the Tibetan monks. On the playing field a round shape, divided into 666 squares, arranged in a circle of the rim, placed 37 figures of various animals. Unfortunately, except a brief mention of this in the archives of the game has not been preserved anymore.

The same story roulette smoothly flows into another era and another country. There is a version that the idea of the game took over the monks of the Dominican Order, they have made the changes, and roulette became very like a modern roulette that we can now see in the casino now. Figures of animals were replaced by numbers from 0 to 36, located at the edge of the rotating wheel.

France - the birthplace of the roulette

Digging in the archives and finding ourselves in a seventeenth-century France. With a light hand of Cardinal Mazarin, begin to open gambling houses in Paris. They played the first version of the modern roulette - "Hocka" game. The game principle is: the most popular table game table is a circle with 40 holes, to each of which was assigned a number. In the center of the circle is the axis of rotation of a wheel with spokes, between which is a small ball game. During unwinding the wheel, the ball moves down on the spokes in a circle and falls into the hole.

Three wells of the forty designated as "zero", accordingly, when the ball fell on the fields marked with a "zero", the prize went to gambling establishments. Casinos generously replenished the coffers, which ran on the content of the brilliant Louis XIV and his court. According to numerous eyewitnesses, Mazarin did not forget about himself and managed to put together a huge fortune.

According to another legend, the history of the modern roulette game started with the old - "even-odd" or as it is called in France - "Bull". A distinctive feature of this version of the game was the fact that instead of rotating wheels were used stationary, like a big vat, bowl with markings of the playing field on the internal surface. Rotating game indulged ball on the edge of the bowl. Forty holes on the bowl had a surface numbers 1 to 40 and were painted in two colors. In the case if a ball hit on the even numbers a player has won, and in the case of odd prize went to the gaming establishment.

Roulette is a failed experiment with a perpetual motion machine

The most common and popular version of appearance of the roulette - invention mathematician's Blaise Pascal in 1655. During the works to of creating a perpetual motion machine, he experimented with rotating wheel and a ball on it. Unfortunately, scientist failed in creating of a perpetual motion machine, but in many ways Blaise Pascal was considered the inventor of the roulette.

Another legend with the participation of Pascal in the history of roulette: the great mathematician retired to a monastery and there already solved the problem of the probability of winning the lottery of 36 tickets there. He applied his knowledge to the modernization of the roulette wheel, bringing it to the state, which serves as the main attribute of this splendid gambling of casino to this day.

It is in this form of roulette brightened the life of the French monks and monasteries because of this entertainment around 1655 turned into a secular salons of high society, becoming a secular game and queen of Paris real money casino. Who exactly spied idea, and who first described the new rules of gambling forever left behind the scenes of the official roulette history. However, it is assumed that from that time there began a triumphal procession of the "queen of gambling" around the world.

There is still a lot of less popular stories of an origin roulette . According to some reports, there are several options of gambling, which in one or another form has been used "Wheel of Pascal." Unfortunately, except the names, we could not find any information about them. These games are such as Raleigh-Poly, Reiner, Ace of Hearts and Biribi. Finally, in the late eighteenth century, around 1765, in Paris, there was a game called Roulette, which is translated from French as a small wheel. It is This version is considered to be the first new French roulette, - modern model. Further development of the roulette won the popular institution Perrin brothers. For the first time the casino of the natives of Lyon players roulette had the opportunity to bet on odd and even numbers on dozens, columns and zero.

Fight fire with fire

The main idea was to minimize the risk of cheating players, minimizing all game manipulation. Everything should be is as a subject to the occasion and do not depend on the human factor. And Roulette was to distract the players, excluding them meeting with the scammers. The idea has worked, the game quickly gained popularity, greatly improving the criminal situation in the country. This version is quite right to exist, especially in the promotion of roulette. It is quite possible that the French police was used to appear new gambling as a lesser evil, compared with the maps created for its most favorable conditions.

There is some confusion as to the roulette wheel while the sectors of "zero." Argued that there was no sector "zero" in the first roulette until the mid-nineteenth century. Some researchers link the rise in popularity of roulette with this fact. In fact, different sources give different information about whether the sector was "zero." In the novel "La Roulette, ou le Jour", which was written at the end of the XVIII century, describes a roulette with a zero and double zero. In our opinion, it is quite possible that different institutions offer their own versions of one is most popular table games: one, two or no zero.

Thus ends the period of French Roulette history. In this form, this game has gained immense popularity among the fans of excitement, and by the mid-nineteenth century, no more or less respectable gambling house in Western Europe could not imagine their existence without this game. The last French Roulette has undergone the transformation in the middle of the XX century, when it was introduced by so-called "right to surrender": in the case if a ball hit on the sector "zero", the player loses only half of the bet.

Mystical version or "sell his soul to the devil"

Thus, the classical form of roulette became widespread in Europe and its colonies in the New World, had 38 sectors numbered from 1 to 36 and two additional sectors "zero" and "double-zero", the purpose of which was to create advantages for gambling establishments. However, in 1843 it subjected to modernization once again. This time those were the brothers Francois and Louis Blanc. Wanting to get rid of the competition, they are presented to the German spa town of Bad Homburg as players roulette wheel that had only one sector "0". This version of the game greatly has increased chance of winning, which, naturally, could not but affect its popularity.

Old version of roulette has suffered a complete fiasco and gambling establishment enterprising brothers became so successful that gave rise too much rumors that Francois Blanc bargained with the devil and sold him his soul for the secret of roulette. These rumors could not fail to attract attention that even more contributed to the growth to the popularity. Competitors, gritting their teeth, have been forced to follow the example of the brothers Blanc, so as not to lose customers.

Thus began a new period in the history of roulette where the gambling house advantage has been reduced to a single zero. No doubt is that the brothers have started to distribute Blank devilish stories to attract visitors to their casino classic. However, the indisputable fact is that the sum of all the numbers on a roulette wheel is actually 666.

Roulette in the New World

In 1789, revolution has broken out in France. Started a bloody terror which spawned a broad wave of emigration in the French colonies of the New World. The French nobility has fled en masse to New Orleans. Roulette moved abroad together with it. Hence, it has begun winning streak on the American continent, first moved to Mississippi, then crossed the Wild West, continuing with the march of the settlers toward the Pacific Ocean.

Starting the "Gold Rush" in California in 1848 was the best time for the flourishing of the roulette business. Gold miners has been enriched in a short time, looking for fun, to spend their money and became the most popular entertainment - gambling. The number of casinos has risen dramatically, they offer much gambling of casino, but none of them could compare with a roulette, where they could keep an eye on the clock in the way the ball jumps on the wheel, in an instant, deciding you won or lost.

Americans also were attracted and the rules of the game of roulette were very simple, and winning or losing depended only on luck. It was very important among the miners, because all their activity depended exclusively on the case. Owners of American gaming establishments were much greedier than their European counterparts and come up with its own version of the roulette wheel 28 rooms instead of 36 and as many as three sectors, which allowed players to pick up rates: zero, double zero, and American Eagle.

Casino revenues increased and Roulette has been written in its history as a new line. However, the players were unhappy with the actions of the owners of the casino, they believed that the casino has a very great huge advantage over them. Gradually roulette in the United States began to use a European view from the 36 rooms and two zero.

Modern period

Because of its simplicity and clarity, roulette quickly conquered the world. Gradually, the roulette has acquired a habitual appearance today, and there are widely used several versions of the game. American Roulette (which still has two "zero"), French Roulette (it has one "zero", a roll of which the player loses a half of his bet), European (has one "zero"), boules Roulette (no "zero"). As you know, a progress does not stand in place and technologies step into the future by leaps and bounds. Already in the seventies of the twentieth century began to electronic sensors were used to monitor the movement of the roulette wheel, providing greater transparency of the process and preventing the dishonest actions of the casino employees.

For years, roulette is the most popular entertainment in the real money casino, but in the second half of the XX century, slot machine games pushed it on the podium. However, in our view, nothing can compete with the atmosphere of the roulette table: a velvet cloth, a stack of chips and a fascinating rotation of the wheel of fortune. It is impossible to imagine a casino without roulette, it will be the main symbol of gambling casino for many years.

Online gambling or for home delivery

The last page in the history of the evolution of roulette was the spread of online gaming and the creation of the first online casinos. Some gamblers prefer to enjoy the game in a homely atmosphere for a variety of reasons, you go to a real gambling of casino establishment. But without a casino roulette?!

The virtual version

Virtual roulette is a passion and it is hard to believe today that playing will ever stop. A new step in the modern history of roulette has begun its transition to the Internet. Online roulette offers the same winning features and interface quality sites gives the same mysterious atmosphere of the roulette as the internet casino itself. A casino software is getting better, and now the complex mathematical algorithms underlying the random number generator (RNG), can completely guarantee that no external factor will not affect the loss of a number in a virtual roulette.

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