How to Play Keno at Online Casino: Main Rules

How to Play Keno at Online Casino

All major online gaming casino software providers have keno in their portfolio of games. Keno is one of the simplest of the online casino games, but it is a lot of fun and can get very exciting. The object of the game of keno is to guess which keno numbers, from 1 to 80, will be drawn by the casino keno computer. Keno is similar to a lottery but it's played more frequently and is way faster. Keno at online casino is a wonderful game for anyone who likes to try his luck at guessing the winning numbers.

Most online casino the keno games allow players to mark up to 15 spots. But casino software provider Cryptologic allows players to mark only up to 10 spots. This does not affect the payout ratio in any manner. It is purely a personal preference whether to go for 10 spots or 15 spots. The keno game with maximum 15 spots has an advantage in that the player can always stop at 10 spots.

The pay table is a most important parameter. Online keno games do not have a single pay table. The pay table changes with the number of spots marked. A player who has marked 8 spots will face a different pay table than a player who has marked 13 spots in the keno game of the same casino software provider.

When comparing pay tables of different software providers it is important that the tables are for the same number of spots. One of the critical factors when evaluating pay tables is the minimum number of hits required for a payout. For example in Microgaming keno for 15 spots marked there should be at least three hits for a payout. In RTG keno for 15 spots marked there should be at least seven hits or a payout. From only this point of view it would appear not worthwhile to play RTG keno. The payouts for 3 to 6 hits in Microgaming keno in the above example range from 0.5:1 to 2:1.

The second critical factor needs to be compared. This is the payout offered for the middle to higher number of hits. In Microgaming keno for 15 spots marked the payout for 7 hits is 100:1; for 10 hits is 1800:1; for 13 hits is 6000:1 and for 15 hits is 10,000:1. The corresponding payouts in Real Time Gaming keno are 10:1, 300:1; 50,000:1 and 100,000:1. Hence it can be seen that for the middle range Microgaming keno provides better payouts and for the higher range Real Time Gaming keno provides better payouts. It must be kept in mind that the chance of scoring the higher hits is very low.

Therefore in the final analysis Microgaming keno will be more suited for conservative players who are satisfied with smaller winnings. On the other hand Real Time Gaming keno is more suited for risk-taking players who prefer large winnings and do not mind losing their bankroll in the process. Small winnings do not have any value for such players.

One final issue must be kept in mind while playing online keno games that offer large payouts like that of RTG. Such games put a cap on the payout. For example RTG keno caps the payout is at 250,000. So even if the payout purely on the basis of the payout ratio is higher, the player will get only 250,000.

Step by step instructions how to play keno at online casino

Step 1. Select your wager amount, which is located the top right of the Keno Card.

Step 2. Select one to fifteen numbers on the Keno Card or click the Quick Pick 10 button to randomly select ten numbers.

Step 3. If you would like to de-select a number, just click the number again and it will no longer be selected. When you select or de-select the numbers, the pay table located on the upper left hand side will change accordingly.

Step 4. When bets and number selections are confirmed, click the Play button. Twenty numbers will roll out in random.

Once the 20 numbers have been rolled out, there is a Results Table to the lower left of the Keno Card that informs you of how many numbers you predicted correctly according to the amount of numbers chosen, Total Bet amount, and the Total Payout amount.

Step 5. When you successfully predict a number, your Keno Card, it will show a star rotating on the number. The other rolled out numbers will also be highlighted on the Keno Card. When all twenty numbers have been rolled out, you will be paid according to the Payout Table, located to the upper left side of the Keno Card. If you would like to play the same numbers for the same wager, just click the Play button again. If you would like to play different numbers, click the Clear' button to clear the selected numbers or simply de-select the ones you would like to change.

Description and function buttons of online keno

  • Clear - The Clear button removes all currently selected numbers on the selected Keno Card only.
  • Quick Pick - The Quick Pick button automatically picks 10 numbers.
  • Play - Starts drawing and rolling out the numbers and they appear on the bottom of the screen and the numbers will also be highlighted on the Keno Card.


Do no waste large sums on this game, after all it's a lottery game, best for thrill seekers.

The payout schedule is always displayed prominently on your screen, so you never have to guess or worry about forgetting or getting mixed up when you play keno online. You can just enjoy picking your lucky keno numbers and collecting your keno payouts when they hit. That's the fun of online keno. Play keno online today at Ignition Casino and see for yourself!