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Types Of Online Casino Bonuses

Most of the online casinos attract their customers by offering exciting bonuses. Bonus will be credited into the online casino account of the player instantly when they register with the casino. There are wide range of bonuses and each player is offered with some form of bonus. This infographic is all about 5 different types of casino bonuses that are offered by the casinos.

Match casino bonus:

This bonus is offered to the players who make their initial deposit while registering with the casino. The bonus amount gets doubled and it depends on the selection of the game.

Free play casino bonus:

Players can get some free credits with validity date and time, called free play bonus. This type of bonus is offered only on specific casino games.

Free Spins:

Free spins are offered to players who select slot machines to play.

Loyalty points:

Loyalty points are offered to the customers when they sign up with the casino.

Refer a friend:

You can avail this bonus by simply referring your friend to the casino.

Types Of Online Casino Bonuses

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